Accident Injury Doctors

Accident Doctors will treat you after you have been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle crash. They can provide you the proper medical documentation you need for a personal injury case. Without seeing a Doctor who treats car accidents, you may not have a personal injury case. A accident doctor is trained to handle car wreck injuries. Truck, car, and motorcycle crashes can cause many different types of injuries. Thus, the reason for many different types of accident doctors. They will treat you and bill your auto insurance company, a medical lien, or attorney’s lien.

They can file med pay, pip, and no fault insurance. Furthermore, they are setup for that type of billing. Most, not all, Pc’s will not accept Personal injury patients. Strangely enough, they usually will never bill the insurance for medical care. Even so, finding an accident doctor can be a big hassle in some areas.

We list all types of Car Accident Doctors that treat personal injuries

We list car accident doctors,  medical & attorney lien doctors, and doctors who accept auto insurance on our website. If you have been injured and need to find a car wreck doctor, search our database, if we do not have one listed contact us immediately and we will find you one.

Our medical team may consist of Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Medical, Orthopedic Physicians, Neurologist, Pain Management, and Surgery Centers. If surgery or other specialist are required, you may need a personal injury attorney.


After you have been injured in an Car wreck, the last thing you need to worry about is how your medical care is going to be paid. For this reason, you need to find a accident doctor. They can treat you under a medical or attorney’s lien.

Because of this, you can concentrate on your recovery and not worry about medical bills. We are ready to help you in the event you have been hurt in a Car accident.

Medical Lien

A medical lien is a guarantee of payment. After you are finished treating, you will pay for the medical treatment you received. An attorney’s lien is a guarantee that the accident doctor will get paid for medical care after he receives a settlement from the insurance company.

Attorney’s Lien

Attorney’s liens may be used in states which offer no pip. Or in rare cases, your medical care exceeds the pip amount. A personal injury attorney will guarantee payment for medical care once the case is settled. A medical lien is where you don’t have an attorney. And, it will pay for your medical care when you settle with the at fault insurance company. However, you can still treat as well under med pay. Accident Doctor’s will wait to be paid so you can get the medical care you deserve.

Bill the at fault insurance company

Doctors who bill the auto insurance company directly a considered third party. Many times people will go see their Pc to get medical care after an car crash only to find they don’t deal with auto accident injuries. However, this does not mean they won’t treat you; they just want to be paid out of pocket. Most of us simply cannot afford to do this in the first place. Most PC’s are set up to bill Health insurance, not the car insurance. This is one of the reasons why they won’t accept third party billing. For this reason, most car accident doctors we have will bill third party insurance or work on a medical lien. This means you can get to the help you need and not have to worry about the medical bills.

Third party

Third party Billing is nothing more than your medical care being billed directly to the insurance carrier.  The personal injury doctor submits the bills just like he would for health insurance. The company send them a check directly for the services performed on you. In some states this is the way its done, and in others they will not bill this way. This is dependant on the laws in a particular state and if they favor this type of billing. A car wreck doctor listed here may or maynot bill third party.

PIP or personal injury protection

Personal injury protection is mandatory insurance in some states. Pip will cover you and anyone in your car at the time of the crash. Pip will also cover injuries you or your passengers sustained from auto, truck, or motorcycle crashes, where you were cited or at fault.

Incidentally, your medical professional will bill the pip directly and you need not worry about the medical bills. However, Personal injury protection will only pay the benefit amount and no more, per person. In some states you may have a time limit to seek medical care, such as 14 days. In other states you may have up to two years to file a medical claim.

Pip & No fault States


Pip is available in some states as an add on to the current insurance you already have. For this reason, you can just add it to your existing policy. However, this coverage is not mandatory, it is just optional. States that offer this type of coverage are South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Still, in some states you may have to opt out of this coverage.