Tractor Trailer pileup injuries 20

Pileup of tractor trailers kills three people over 20 other injured

About 15 tractor trailers or semis were involved in a massive pileup on interstate 94 in Michigan City, Indiana. Snow was a contributing factor along with whiteout conditions. People were still being cut of out of there vehicles hours after the accident.

tractor trailer accident pileup

The semi truck pileup accident happened near Michigan City, about 60 miles outside of Chicago. The accident happened on interstate I-94. I-94 is the main interstate that connects Chicago to Michigan and Indiana. It is the main interstate that runs through Detroit, Michigan.

“Tractor trailers were sandwiched together”

Tractor trailers were sandwiched together along with passenger cars and trucks in the frigid white out conditions. Zero visibility and heavy snow was to blame for the tractor trailer pileup. In some areas there was zero to quarter of a mile visibility. 1 to 2 inches of snow falling per hour caused the white out conditions that caused the visibility to drop near zero. Temperatures plummeted to 10 degrees on Thursday night.

The city provided bus’s to warm motorist and transport the injured victims to nearby hospitals. E-I-94 would remain closed through the night as wreckers and cranes have to be brought in to remove the wrecked tractor trailers and other vehicles.semi tractor trailer pileup

At least ten people were brought to Franciscan St. Anthony Health Hospital in Michigan City. Another six injured people were taken to IU Health LaPorte Hospital.
The photos show at least a dozen tractor trailers packed together across the width of the highway. Some passenger cars were sandwiched between the tractor trailers.
This bitter cold weather brings snow and ice in regions across the United States that generally do not have these types of storms.

The cold weather seems to be here to stay, ice and snow collecting on our roadways creates an accident waiting to happen. Accidents that happen in these conditions on interstates appear to be more severe because of the volume of traffic and the speed. This combination along with white out conditions creates accidents waiting to happen. If you do not have to be out in these conditions, its best to just stay home. Tractor trailers are the arteries of America; they bring goods from ports to every major city in the United States.