Indiana Car Accident Injury Doctor

An Indiana Accident doctor is waiting for your call. After you have been injured in a car wreck, it’s very important to see an Indiana accident doctor. These are doctors who specialize in personal injuries. An Indiana accident doctor has the experience to treat you, document your case, and help you get the settlement you deserve from your personal injury lawyer.

I don’t have any money, how can I see a doctor

At accident doctor, we have many M.D.’s listed that work on a lien. In the personal injury field, sometimes you have to wait to get paid. An Indiana accident doctor understands this as well as the lawyer. In many cases they are paid just as the lawyer is. The lawyer works on a lien basis, just like an accident doctor. This does not mean they have a contract with you, this just means they wait to get their money. It’s very important to go see an Indiana accident doctor, even if you have no money to do so.

I’ll just wait to go see a personal injury doctor, my car wreck was not that bad, I don’t feel hurt

Do not wait to go see an Indiana accident doctor. Delay in care could cost you thousands. If you are injured you need to go the accident doctor today. If you wait to get medical care, a lot of people won’t think you are injured. People who are hurt see a M.D. If you are not hurt, then you don’t need to see an accident doctor. The pain that comes from a car wreck might not set in right away. You may feel fine. Sometimes this is normal; adrenaline and shock are the body’s natural pain killers. Sometimes it may take days to weeks for the pain to really cause discomfort. The most common injury in a car wreck is whiplash. Whiplash is torn ligaments in the neck that is caused when you get hit in the rear. An Indiana accident doctor is trained to deal with these injuries.

Minimum liability limits in Indiana are:

  • UM Bodily Injury: $25,000/$50,000
  • Property Damage: $10,000
  • UIM*(underinsured motorist): Bodily Injury: $50,000

Indiana does not have Pip (personal injury protection). Pip is to cover your medical care and might cover lost wages and other expenses in the event of a car wreck. You could purchase med pay or medical payments. Med pay is designed to pay for medical care that is deemed necessary and reasonable by the insurance company. Med pay is a little more limited than pip. It might be a good idea to purchase med pay if you do not have any health insurance. Either way an accident doctor will still treat you.

Indiana had 188,132 car wrecks in 2011

  • IN. had 188,132 car wrecks
  • 749 deaths in 647 fatal crash’s
  • 42,886 personal injuries

According to DOT. About 749 fatal accidents. These are high numbers. Many people were injured in car wrecks on Indiana’s highways in 2011. Accident doctor would like to help you after you have been injured in a car wreck in Indiana. If you cannot find an accident doctor in your area, please contact us. We will try to find one for you.  An Indiana accident doctor would provide the best documentation for the best outcome to your case. Once your care has been complete. Your personal injury lawyer can get to work to get you the maximum settlement you deserve. Don’t be at the mercy of the insurance company; find an Indiana accident doctor today. When you need a personal injury doctor after your Indiana car wreck, enter your zip code at the top right corner of this page. If you can’t find what you need

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